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Discipline in the Workplace Course

During the month of September we will once again be presenting our ever-popular “Discipline in the Workplace” training course in Paarl. This Services SETA accredited training program is specifically aimed at managers and supervisors who are responsible for managing staff and maintaining discipline. Participants are equipped with the necessary skills to conduct disciplinary investigations, act as chairperson or company representative during disciplinary hearings, and to make appropriate findings and sanctions.

Why would you want to attend this course?
  • You want to treat your employees fairly.
  • You want to safeguard your business from labour unrest.
  • You want to avoid losing cases at the CCMA / Bargaining Council.
  • You want to protect your finances against fines from the Department of Labour or the CCMA / Bargaining Council.
  • You want to stop being scared of firing employees who do not value your business interest.
Who needs to attend?
  • Line Managers who deal with discipline and grievance procedures in the workplace.
  • HR Generalist who want to re-enforce their knowledge on the topic.
  • Shop Stewards who want to ensure that their members are treated correctly and fairly.
  • Employees who are earmarked to fulfil HR or Managerial functions in the future.
What will be covered in the course?

Labour Law context / background

  • Framework of Labour Relations within South Africa
  • Overview of legislation and important concepts
  • Employment agreements (contracts)

Rights and duties of the parties

  • Employer’s duties, rights and actions
  • Employee’s duties, rights and actions

Positive discipline

  • Disciplinary objectives
  • The three pillars of discipline
  • Appropriate sanction
  • The “red hot stove” principle

Unfair dismissal

  • Disputes regarding unfair dismissal
  • Dismissal in cases of incompatibility

Disciplinary process

  • Procedural fairness
  • Substantive fairness
  • Disciplinary code / Code of conduct

The disciplinary investigation and hearing

  • Two phases in the disciplinary process
  • Parties involved in a disciplinary hearing
  • Disciplinary investigation
  • Notice and formulation of complaint
  • Suspension
  • Appointment of a chairperson
  • Steps to follow during the disciplinary hearing
  • Evidence
  • Burden of evidence
  • Balance of probability
  • Administration


  • Condonation
  • Conciliation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
Specific outcomes:
  • Legislation governing workplace discipline
  • How to conduct a disciplinary investigation and evaluate incidents in the workplace
  • How to prepare documentation for a disciplinary hearing
  • How to chair a disciplinary hearing
  • How to prepare witnesses for a hearing and lead evidence at a hearing
  • How to cross-examine at a hearing
  • How to present the company’s case
  • How to prepare for the CCMA

25-27 September 2018, Paarl


Joep Joubert


R3,900 per person (including VAT)

Should more than one person from the same company attend, only the first participant will pay the full price.  The rest of his/her colleagues will receive a discount of 50%.


For more information, contact Hester Fourie at 021-8630966 or


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