Talent Management

Recruitment and selection, which form the core of Talent Management, is a specialist area within the HR field. It is of the utmost importance that the most suitable employer-employee match is made and that the company’s long-term vision is realised.

At Joubert & Associates, we follow a holistic approach where the various action steps are consolidated into one process. This process is unpredictable in many respects (amount of applications, enquiries, invitations, interviews, acceptance / non-acceptance of job offer, negotiations regarding contracts, etc.).

We structure our process as follows:

Analysis of the Job and Person Specifications
  • Determine the objective and key performance areas of the job within the context of the organisation’s strategy and existing structure.
  • Obtain clarity with regards to the strategic results (outputs) that are expected of the job.
  • Develop a person profile (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that are required of the ideal candidate.
  • Introduction (advertising) of the vacancy in the designated media (printed & electronic).
  • Invitation to identified persons to encourage them to apply (head hunting).
  • Receiving inquiries / applications and liaising with applicants.
  • Administration with regards to the process.
  • Evaluation of CV’s and selection of shortlist based on the criteria that were set (job description and person specification).
  • First interviews.
  • Reference checks (structured telephone interview and questionnaire).
  • Psychometric testing (behaviour analysis) for comparison and/or confirmation of impressions which were formed during the first interviews and reference checks.
  • Final interviews with directors’ panel (facilitate structured interviews).
  • Advice on selecting the most appropriate applicant.
  • Research and determination of market-related package (total cost of employment).
  • Negotiate / mediate offer (compensation and employment benefits).
  • Compilation and agreement of a service contract within the framework of applicable labour legislation and personnel policy.
  • Finalisation of administrative duties and communication with unsuccessful applicants.