Organisational Development

The Organisational Development programmes we offer to our clients focus on the organisation’s specific developmental areas which have been identified during a needs analysis process.

The goals of an OD needs analysis are threefold:

  • To identify specific problem areas (symptoms), to determine the underlying causes and to develop a comprehensive programme to address these needs / problems;
  • To support the management team, by facilitating a practical and tailor-made change management programme (based on scientific models and best practices), to implement sustainable solutions which can be incorporated as standard practices within the organisation’s culture;
  • To assist participants to develop the practical skills required to maintain the changes implemented during the OD process.

Organisational development is essentially a planned process of change. As facilitators of change, we utilise the process consultation approach as work methodology. Disparity between the existing conditions that prevail and the ideal conditions that are required, leads to a creative tension which is an essential requirement (motivation) for change to occur.

Through effective change management (interventions), organisations and individuals are assisted to give up their existing perceptions and behaviour in favour of new paradigms, values and behaviour patterns as part of its future organisation culture. Participants are supported and are led to new work methods, systems, practices and skills which ensure successful results.

Specific interventions are chosen (and developed) to address the unique needs (identified problem areas). System evaluations, policies and procedures, diagnostic resources, management models and instruments, group and individual work sessions and training programmes are typical interventions which are used.

In summary, the main steps within our typical OD programmes will thus include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative needs analysis to identify existing organisational problems (and their causes).
  • Culture and climate assessments, feedback and interventions.
  • Determine and implement organisational development strategies.
  • Develop, implement and facilitate interventions for enhanced performance (strategic planning, team building, etc).
  • Project management and coordination.

The OD needs analysis phase often includes a formal HR audit and action programme to ensure legal compliance and that best practices are imbedded in the organisation’s culture.