Remuneration has an important impact on the attitude, morale and behaviour of employees. Therefore, an organisation’s remuneration policy (as an integral part of the personnel policy and hence employment agreements) must be clearly defined. Both the salary level of an employee, and the way in which it is compared to that of other employees, has an influence on the employee’s perception about the fairness of his/her treatment by the employer.

The determination of fair and market related remuneration for an organisation’s personnel, requires a systematic and thorough evaluation of:

  • Remuneration policy (philosophy).
  • Evaluation of the organisational structure, job descriptions and person specifications.
  • Job grading (internal and external comparison of jobs).
  • Market comparison (comparative statistics and tendencies).
  • Remuneration strategy and funding.

Joubert & Associates will assist you by compiling a unique and comprehensive report evaluating the above-mentioned factors. This report includes a broad overview of the economic factors that affect remuneration, as well as statistics and opinions of analysts regarding current trends and movements in the labour market. Your organisation’s unique situation will be analysed by comparing the company’s position with market statistics from similar organizations and regions. A unique remuneration scale will be developed to serve as a guideline for the next 12 months. Recommendations will be made regarding salary adjustments, remuneration strategy and policy.

We promote a holistic evaluation of each individual’s contribution and value to the organisation to serve as the mechanism to determine their remuneration (annual adjustments as well as non-guaranteed remuneration). In order to evaluate the holistic contribution of the employees, Joubert & Associates has a merit assessment tool available. The tool evaluates the person’s contribution taking into consideration the individual’s performance, potential and interpersonal skills as observed within the specific milieu where the person operates.

Our services also include compiling incentive schemes (as non-guaranteed remuneration component) with the objective of improving business performance by increasing employee motivation.