Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching as a methodology within an organisational context can best be defined as a practical and purpose driven one-on-one interaction between a coach and an individual manager, aspiring to improve his/her behaviour and associated performance, by bringing about meaningful change to solve existing problems and utilise future opportunities. Coaching interventions also impact significantly on organisational values, culture and climate.

The Joubert and Associates model consists of elements of process consultation where participants are assisted in identifying existing (and potential) problems, set objectives and develop strategies and tactics to achieve the aspired outcomes), as well as tutoring where the facilitator act as study leader to introduce a theoretical framework to discover the meaning of leadership and the required management skills.

The purpose of coaching as an approach to management development is to enable an employee to re-evaluate his work strategy with regard to his performance, goals and/or expectations of his/her role. Coaching discussions identify the need for change in order to close the gap between current and desired career progress, skills development or achievement of organizational goals.

By using the correct guiding questions, the individual is assisted in developing goals and finding appropriate solutions in the process. The aim is that the individual will identify solutions that are relevant and realistic by means of various thinking processes. The individual will be more committed to the goals and action if he/she was able to identify these themselves.

The benefits of coaching / mentoring may include:

  • Increased motivation and dedication.
  • Improved decision making.
  • Clearer goals and objectives.
  • Greater self-awareness and understanding of self.
  • Improved ability to handle change.
  • Increased self-confidence and independence.
  • Improved ability to work independently.
  • Greater sense of responsibility, e.g. for own development.

Joubert & Associates can help organisations to retain motivated employees who are committed to achieving goals and improving job performance. This will ultimately lead to improved productivity, growth and optimised results.