Career Counselling

Career counselling is the process which helps you understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational and life decisions. The Career counselling process enables effective Career planning, which is important because the consequences of career success or failure are linked closely to each individual’s self-concept, identity and satisfaction with their career and life. In today’s unpredictable and rapidly changing environment, it is even more important for people to take control of their own careers.  Career development is more than just deciding on a major and what job you want to get when you graduate.

Joubert & Associates will assist you in gaining the necessary insight to develop self-knowledge, determine competencies and then translate it into vocational choices. The overall goal is to empower you to control the direction of your career decision making by becoming an active agent in the process.

Self-knowledge is a prerequisite for successful career planning. This involves knowledge of one’s interests, skills, values, strengths and weaknesses. People who know themselves well can make a more rational decision.

Steps to follow in the career planning process:
  1. Self-assessment (learn more about yourself).
  2. Investigate various career options (exploring and learning about work opportunities).
  3. Narrow down the career options.
  4. Choose the right option for YOU (making a decision for your own future career path).
  5. Career goal setting (creating a plan).
  6. Implementing your plan.

Once we have assisted you through the typical steps during your career planning process, Joubert & Associates will also help you compile a professional CV which lists all your skills and experience, and provide you with the best advice regarding do’s and don’ts during interviews.

Let us help you develop the necessary self-understanding and articulate a career direction that allows you to achieve your full potential and find purpose in your daily activities!