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Assessments to reveal the What, How and Why behind your employees’ behaviour

There are several personality tests available both on- and offline. Sometimes completing a personality quiz is included in the recruit­ment and selection process to determine if a person is a suitable candidate. But aside from that, why else should a company bother sacrificing resources (time, money, etc.) completing those questions and pay attention to the results?  Does your company need help with onboarding, coaching, leadership development, team building, training etc.? The DISC and Driving Forces assessments may be of use.

The DISC assessment is a behavioural tool that has been around and in use since the 1980’s. The study and framework have both evolved and developed over the years. The assessment is based on the psychological works of observable behaviours, psychological types and personality types by various esteemed psychologists and philosophers. The Driving Forces assessment, on the other hand, provides valuable insight into exactly what drives and motivates one’s behaviour. Together these two tools help you understand how and why your employees behave in a certain way.

Both the DISC and Driving Forces assessments have proved to be extremely useful tools in the recruitment process. A good employee-job match is just as important as an employee-organisation match! The assessments assist in understanding oneself, understanding others and helping people to communicate better with each other by knowing what drives one’s behaviour and how they respond in the working environment.

The tools can be used for individuals as well as groups. Assessing groups of employees demonstrates the different behavioural drives, which can provide managers with information on the different roles that employees are likely to take on in a group, as well as how the employee will interact and work with other group members.

Using the DISC and Driving Forces assessments for individual purposes has been invaluable in the coaching and mentoring process. One-on-one interactive coaching sessions while using the assessment results as a foundation for the mentoring process, allows employees to acknowledge their strengths, potential developmental areas and preferences.

Joubert & Associates’ consultants are qualified to administer the assessments and to give feedback sessions on the results. Visit our website or give us a call for more information on these and other assessments to help your company meet their strategic objectives.

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